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•  Extractor hood and duct cleaning
•  Filter System replacement and servicing
•  Extractor fan maintenance and fitting



We are professional, specialist in extractor hood & duct cleaning.

We are experienced, over 10 years experience.

We guarantee our service meets all the insurance company standards.

We supply certification after every extractor hood and duct clean
for insurance purposes.

We work hours to suit your business.

Commercial Kitchen Canopy And Duct Cleaning Service

To ensure that 100% of the extraction ducting can be maintained and cleaned thoroughly.
We can install removable access panels
in your system to enable us to inspect and clean it.  Its a quick and clean process which we guarantee will not affect your busy kitchen.


All our works meet all the insurance company standards. A certificate of hygiene is issued after every full clean and can be used as proof of the work carried out for both insurance and legal reasons.


All our services are provided by well trained professional staff.

build up of grease and other flammable
substances in
ductwork can become

a significant fire hazard.
dramatically reduce the performance
of your system.

Kitchen Filter Maintenance And Replacement Service

Blocked filtration can cause airflow
problems and imbalances, therefore it is essential that they are cleaned, maintained or replaced.


In Sum’s Commerical Cleaning Company Lrd can help in all aspects of filtration:


• Kitchen Canopy Filer Replacement
• Kitchen Canopy Filer Maintenance
• Measure, supply & install
• Filtration advice